Fewer Distractions, More Focus.

  • Activities To start, create a new activity
    (design, study, write, etc)
  • Actions Then customize actions to run every time you concentrate. (possible actions shown below)
  • Timer When ready, click “Concentrate,” all your actions will run and a timer will appear to keep you focused.
  • Launch Apps

    Choose any apps needed to complete your activity

  • Quit Apps

    Quit any distracting or unnecessary apps

  • Open Sites

    Open any websites needed to complete your current activity

  • Block Sites

    Block distracting sites like Facebook, Twitter or YouTube

  • Open Docs

    Open any pertinent documents in their default applications

  • Play Messages

    Set up spoken messages to keep you on task

  • Play Sounds

    Add a sound alert to keep you focused along the way

  • Run Scripts

    Create scripts to run custom actions

  • Growl

    Remind yourself to stay on track with Growl notifications

  • Set Chat Status

    Set your iChat or Skype status to away

  • “I usually focus on tasks that involve multiple applications... Concentrate helps you focus on tasks."
  • "Concentrate has been designed superbly, with great attention to detail... and I see myself using this regularly in the future."
  • "OK. Ton of stuff to do, starting with changing out of my PJs. Must Concentrate.app."
  • “Concentrate sports an elegant interface and an intuitive system to set times and tasks.”
  • “It allows you to focus on the stuff that you really want (and intend) to do."